Training Centre


Celero Training is the learning division of the group and offers training courses designed to enhance potentials in the logistics and related sectors. We specialize in workshops, conference and forum planning.

We strive to bring foreign expertise to the region and have a growing client base spanning over a wide range of sectors which includes small companies to multinational corporations.

Our well acclaimed mainstream events so far are:

  • Mauritius : A Bunker Hub: Driving the Ocean Economy
  • Emergency Preparedness: The Essence of Ocean Economy Sustainability

The services offered by Celero Training are:

  • Training, capacity building and education in logistics and related sectors.
  • Coordination and networking to promote knowledge and experiences sharing and exchange
  • Studies, documentation, academic research and development in collaboration and networking with partner’s research, academic and educational institutions
  • Knowledge-based, data and information management (Decision Support Systems, etc.)

Our training division further emphasizes on the creation of an enabling environment for capacity development of all stakeholder groups, including the grassroot communities by providing the foundation for the training and capacity building strategy in the region with the overarching national capacity development framework in a multi-hazard, multi-sector, multi-level context. We have been able to excel by virtue of our approach in:

  • Assessing the Training Gaps and Training Needs
  • Design and Development of Training Modules
  • Development of Comprehensive Training Modules
  • Conduct of Training of Trainers.
  • Pilot-testing of training modules.
  • Develop training implementation strategy. 

Please find below some photos of our previous events:

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