E-Ship Express


Shop and Ship is an international shipping service which allows you to shop from the world and then we deliver it to you at rates you will simply love. That means more online shopping options, hassle-free.

Shop & Ship is currently available in over 80 destinations globally, so it’s no surprise that thousands of shoppers around the world are Shop & Ship lifetime members. 

Sign Up for your Shop & Ship Lifetime Membership now or call our c/s desk at Celero Express


How Shop & Ship works?

To bring the wonderful world of online shopping to your doorstep, all you have to do is register for a Shop & Ship Lifetime Membership on our website.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Ax3QH18aJYY/UrXfXyIXi2I/AAAAAAAAAfs/n9V2Tqofwz0/s640/Shopping-Online1.jpgOnce registered, you get 22 personalized physical addresses in Ontario, Shanghai, Cairo, Paris, Tbilisi, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Milan, Tokyo, Amman, Beirut, Malaysia, Singapore, Johannesburg, Seoul, Barcelona, Bangkok, Istanbul, Dubai, London, and New York that you can use to shop.  


Advantages of using Shop & Ship

•  Unique addresses to receive all the goodies you buy from any of the 22 origins.

•  Easy, quick, and affordable way to buy goods online and receive them.

•  Pay the shipping fees online and based on gross weight only.

•  Online tracking on www.shopandship.com  and SMS updates.

•  ShopandShip app which can be downloaded directly on your mobile or tablet.

•  Delivery of packages to your doorstep within 3 to 6 business days



Why do consumers prefer Shop & Ship at Celero Express ?

• Last Mile challenges eliminated

• Customs clearance managed by our inhouse team .

• Reliable tracking and handling, via the website and mobile apps

• Eases buying from online retailers that don’t ship internationally