Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

We believe that we have a social and environmental responsibility towards our employees and to the community. We try our best to do it in a sustainable and responsible manner.
We also encourage employee participation in our activities


Celero supports various local NGO’s such as:

  • Centre de Solidarite pour Une Nouvelle Vie – focuses on prevention , rehabilitation and Reintegration of substance abusers
  • The Shelter For Women and Children in Distress
  • APEL – focuses on helping the homeless to transition back to a normal life.
  • The Goodshop – a retail social enterprise active in promoting jobs and training to people facing barriers to employment. It also finances scholarship to quality education.
  • Lighthouse Primary and Secondary School – financing scholarships for the less fortunate.


We promote initiatives and processes to reduce pollution and waste both inside the company and outside.

For example, we support “The Goodshop”, a social retail enterprise, which has created a market for second hand goods and promotes the culture of re-use and recycling.