Celero International


Celero International
Celero International operates in Mauritius as a freeport logistics service provider to a range of importer and exporters from worldwide origins dealing with the movement of   Oil & Gas shipments, Garments, white goods among others .  Our geographical location allows the freeport operations to provide the best business connectivity to our customers between Asia to Africa / Europe with strong savings.
With it’s empowered, dedicated & skilled staff, Celero International has today a strong foot print in the freeport activities both at the Port / airport and has further developed tailor-made services under the Mauritius freeport regime.

Our Services Offered are:
• IOR representative
• Dry External Storage
• Indoor Warehousing
• Sea Freight and Air Freight
• Projects Cargo – Consultancy
• Customs Clearance
• Oil & Gas Logistics Experts
• Packing, labelling and Removals
• Insurance
• Bonded Vehicles for ship spares
• Cross Trade
• Oversize Cargo movement
• Chartering Air and Sea
• Repairs and maintenance
• AOG – Hand carried
• Transport Services

Our Distinctives are:

  • A cost effective logistic platform
  • Exemption of customs duties on imports under freeport regime with no time limit
  •  Free repatriation of profits
  •  Transformation, assembly and manufacturing for exports
  •  For Oil & Gas storage of heavy units – stacking
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